The Law Office of Christian Van Pelt focuses on matrimonial, corporate, estate planning and real estate law and is client-centric. For years, Christian Van Pelt has been providing clients with effective, practical legal solutions for their circumstances. The hallmarks of Christian Van Pelt, LLC., are excellence, integrity and transparency. When you step into the Law Office of Christian Van Pelt, expect to meet an experienced legal professional who isn’t afraid to take on a challenge.

Matrimonial:  I Understand. I was there myself.

I have assisted clients in both simple and complex divorces. I am a strong advocate of mediation for couples going through a divorce. When compared to family court, negotiations is less time consuming, costly and adversarial. Whenever possible, I will work with opposing counsel to find fair, proven and effective solutions instead of creating adversarial court proceedings. I will help my clients through the emotionally and technically difficult issues regarding asset distribution, child custody and child visitation and work towards a fair settlement.   I understand the stress caused by a divorce.  I remember my own divorce….

Corporate and Transactional Law

I have worked with both small and large corporate clients. I have experience in entity formation, drawing up various business contracts that actually and effectively reflect the parties expectations, selling companies and representing corporations in litigation. I understand business and I know that law should  not be dictating how business is done, but that law, and more specifically good pro-active corporate governance will  assist you in remaining in business.

Wills and  Trusts

It’s never too soon to get your house in order. We shall listen to your desires and needs and recommend  the best legal instruments to protect your heirs in the event of your death.

Real Estate

Whether you’re selling or purchasing residential or commercial real estate, it may be one of the largest transactions you encounter in your life. For years I was solely involved in commercial real estate transactions, mostly dealing with challenging distressed real estate transactions. As such, I am very experienced in managing all aspects of real estate transactions  and I can assist clients with real estate contract, leases, construction agreements, negotiations, financing, zoning issues and title issues.


Let the Law Office of Christian Van Pelt represent and guide you through the process. He creates an effective legal strategy and is committed to acting in your best interests.