As a corporate lawyer, it is Christian Van Pelt’s job to ensure that the commercial transactions that involve his clients are fair and legal. Many of these clients lack in-house counsel, and thus rely on Christian Van Pelt, LLC., to provide accurate and useful advice. In addition to handling the day-to-day aspects of corporate law, Christian Van Pelt provides aggressive representation for those in the midst of contentious corporate disputes. Whether your goal is to form a new corporation, negotiate a contract with another entity, or successfully resolve a corporate dispute, you can benefit greatly from working with Christian Van Pelt, LLC.

Formation, Contracts, and Governance

Christian Van Pelt assists corporate clients with a wide array of legal matters. He negotiates numerous corporate contracts and agreements, providing the legal counsel and oversight necessary for the successful drafting of LLC formation agreements, shareholder agreements, license agreements, distribution agreements, and a wide array of other contractual matters. Additionally, Christian Van Pelt provides trustworthy counsel for matters involving the intersection of taxation, real estate, and corporate law. His patient and accurate counsel can help clients avoid a myriad of compliance issues while also minimizing the potential for future disputes.

Corporate Disputes

In addition to handling business planning and contractual matters, Christian Van Pelt is willing to assist those in the midst of corporate disputes. Legal challenges necessitating corporate litigation include breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, successor liability, intellectual property disputes, and fraudulent conveyances, among others. Regardless of the situation surrounding a given corporate dispute, Christian Van Pelt can maximize the chances of courtroom success by developing effective litigation strategies and taking a zealous stance in court. His aggressive approach to courtroom proceedings ensures that his clients emerge with satisfactory case resolutions.

Christian Van Pelt, LLC. : Trustworthy Corporate Representation

Christian Van Pelt is very understanding of the specific business objectives held by his valued corporate clients. He keeps the focus on these objectives as he advises his clients on everything from LLC formation to contract disputes. His efforts allow corporate clients to achieve their goals while still remaining within budget and maintaining full compliance.

A respected corporate lawyer with a wonderful reputation throughout Parsippany and the rest of New Jersey, Christian Van Pelt is the ideal legal advocate to have at your side. From mundane business matters to sensitive corporate issues, you can trust Christian Van Pelt, LLC., to handle all of your legal concerns in a professional and proactive manner.